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I am currently breeding the same pair that had babies june 1st. If the June 1st litter had offspring you were interested in then feel free to contact me and let me know if you want a rabbit reserved. The babies will be a lop and dutch cross. Litter usually have 6-8 babie

I would like to make this the first thing on my website something every rabbit owner or future rabbit owner can take a look at and keep in mind. I know that times can get hard and sometimes no matter how economical a pet can be just isn't economical enough, or maybe you are or know of someone who doesn't keep a pet long. If that's the case I want you to be aware of a program I run at my rabbitry called "Homes for Hearts". If you or someone you know can't take proper care of your rabbit, i will be able to provide it with the care and attention it needs. For more information take a look at my seperate webiste http://www.homesforhearts.webs.com/ 

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This website is for more then just selling rabbits but also has much information for you to learn about rabbits too. Specifically how to care for them, you can learn about critical information like a rabbits diet and how to treat common diseases through the pages above on the tool bar. Also check out the FAQ's to see if some of  your questions can be answered. Through this website you will learn so many things about raising a rabbit, how to know what kind you want, how to prevent or take care of sicknesses and even pricing if you want to buy one of my own! If you have a question that wasnt answered feel free to send me and email at LeahBlair@live.com and I will get back to you as soon as possible. I have raised rabbits for 11 years as of 2012, and have been breeding for five years as of 2012. I don't charge alot of money like most and they are very friendly, energetic pets. Though personalities range buy them from me and your sure to love them! They will be very people friendly because I spend quality time with each and every one before passing them off to a new loving family and home. Rabbits couldn't be a more perfect pet for kids! They are easy to care for and great to play with! Just view the pages above and we will provide what you are looking for. This is a #1 rabbit information site and will tell you everything you need to know. Don't forget to go the Guestbook and leave  a comment on what you think of the site, or let me know if you have any questions!